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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jenni's Top Ten! Presidential edition!

Top Ten Dirty Sounding Last Names of US Presidents

10. Polk
"He Polked her."

9. Bush
"He Polked her in the Bush."

8. Van Buren
"My Van Buren is getting tingly as I watch him Polk her in the Bush."

7. Johnson
"Johnson, are you watching this Polk session?"

6. Harding
"I predict a bit of Harding in your future if you are."

5. Buchanan
"Ooof--I think I just Buchananed myself."

4. Taft
"I did Buchanan myself. My underpants are coated with Taft."

3. Hoover
"Gotta Hoover up the Taft in my underpants."

2. Bush
"Excuse me, miss--do you need the Hoover for your Bush? That was quite a Polk."

1. Fillmore
"The Hoover's pretty full, but I'm sure we can get it to Fillmore."

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