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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Celebrating Black History--Nubia

Wonder Woman used to have a Black sister. Not just "sister" as in "sistergirl." Not just "sister" as in fellow Amazon. But "sister" as in when Hippolyte made Wondy out of clay, she also made another baby out of (duh) darker clay and they both came to life thanks to Aphrodite.

Her name was Nubia, and she represents all that was groovy and fantastic about comic books before the nerds got all obsessed with continuity and keeping superheroes serious and "special" (Wanting Superman to be the only survivor of Krypton, no Krypto or Supergirl, etc.) and whatever else. A sweet time in comics when it was okay--no--it was necessary for Wonder Woman to have a Black sister no one had heard of for years and years 'cause Mars stole her when she was a baby. How great is that? Freakin' great! Wonder Woman has a Black twin sister, hurray!

Nubia fought Wonder Woman for a minute, but when WW realized that Nubia was under Mars' control, the ladies worked it out and managed to call Mars out on his fear of woman. Take that, god of war! Ha!

Suffering Sappho!

DC didn't use Nubia nearly enough, but she did merit a doll from Mego, as shown with her sister doll above. I haven't seen her myself, but apparently there's a character in current WW continuity called Nu'bia or something who is a sort of tribute to the forgotten sister of Wonder Woman. That's nice, I guess, but you know, the world of comics could use a few more Black superheroes, and maybe some other nonwhites, just to keep things colorful. They don't have to be related to Wonder Woman, though that would be okay with me if some of them were.

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