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Monday, February 27, 2006

G-D, The Sequel

My aunt and I were taking the elevator in the building I used to park in and these two ladies came in. One exclaimed to me, "Oh my God! You look exactly like Geena Davis!" Which, I don't. At all. Once we got out of the elevator I asked my aunt if that was supposed to be a compliment. She thought it probably was. But now I bet that lady just liked to say crap like that to people, to see what they did.

Once I moved to L.A., I thought it would be funny to do a slightly different thing--run up to people and pretend I thought they were someone famous, and be all excited and whatever, and ask for photos or autographs and junk. I thought it might be even funnier to pick celebs they looked nothing like, in a nod to my elevator friend. But then that stretches the credibility a bit, I guess.

The thing is, you really do run into plenty of celebs major and minor 'round here, particularly in my neighborhood, but I'm so much in my own little cloud of Jenni that I don't always notice them. So knowing me, I'd run up to someone and act all excited, and it would actually be a celebrity, though perhaps not the one I was acting like they were, and then I'd look and feel even dumber than I intended to.

But back to G-D. I could totally be president but I'd prefer something less democratic, more imperial. Something that requires or at least allows for wearing a crown.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe she meant G D in her Thelma days!