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Monday, February 06, 2006

Ghost Story

What do you suppose the ghosts from the game Pac-Man were when they were still alive? What, exactly, are they ghosts of? When the last quarter is spent and Pac-Man dies, will he turn into a yellow ghost and hang out with Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde?

I bet those ghosts are fallen Pac-Men of different colors. That's why they haunt the maze.

I think probably my favorite ghost is Clyde. He's the orange one, the one who goes by "Sue" in Ms. Pac-Man. We all know Sue is just Clyde with women's underpants on, not that we can see the underpants. I think Clyde's message of tolerance and acceptance and choosing the right actor for the part regardless of race or gender is kind of beautiful, and I learned a lot from Clyde.

When Pac-Man becomes a ghost, he'll probably be a lot like Clyde.

jenni tooked the picture


Deitri said...

If they are the same person, how do you explain that both Clyde and Sue were in the Pac-Man cartoon?

jenni said...

Well, smarty pants, you might remember that the cartoon took a lot of liberties with the characters. The Pac-People had legs and arms, some hair and extra accessories, for example. Anyway, I think Sue was dark blue in the cartoon. You know, like how they gave Spengler blond hair and Stantz red hair in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon? Well okay not very much like that but still. Anyway, since when do the original actors work on the cartoon adaptation? They can hardly get the real actors to show up in the TV show adaptation.