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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sean Preston Is So Not Overprotected

Y'all, raising a baby is hard.

Sure, Britbrit appears to have driven her SUV with son Sean Preston in her lap, apparently to escape aggressive paparazzi, who of course got shots of it all. I think there's some irony tucked away in there somewhere. But come on, she's a new mommy, and we should try to see from her perspective. Yeah, there must be a better way, and she shouldn't believe in taking chances with her son.

But who am I to say what a girl is to do? Who are any of us to say? There weren't even laws about seatbelts or baby restraints or whatever when we were kids, and we all made it. Besides, she was only two minutes from home. No excuse, but it's not like she was driving on the highway going 90 with Sean Preston's head hanging out the window like a stupid dog or something. That's sort of a funny image, actually. I picture the baby fat in his cheeks flapping in the wind, and drool trailing behind him. Aww!

Ahhh anyway, it seems like the Department of Family and Child Services might get involved, which I think is a bit silly in the LA area, where, you know, I'm relatively certain actual child abuse and endangerment is going on all over the damn place.

So I guess the paparazzi win this time. Twice.

I was alerted to this story and encouraged to write something about it by the only person I know who cares even more about Britney Spears' every move than I do, Lisa Weseman.

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