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Thursday, February 02, 2006

passing for white ... or how to act indignant and get shit for free

As you may soon come to know, I am a business school graduate and registered republican which means that even though I am black I can interpolate "white privilege" when necessary over the phone and via email (of course). This became necessary this week after I got the runaround from Apple. To rectify my issue I employed the telephone and email to make my case. At the end of the saga, I ended up not only with a new iPod but a $50 credit to the iTunes Music Store. Checkout the email below which I sent to theApple Store.

NOTE: All names have been changed to protect the innocent.


I am a loyal Apple customer (My wife and I own: (1) 15 inch PowerBook, (1) eMac & (2) iPods) and I enjoy your products and must commend you on the professionalism and expertise of your genius bar staff. Specifically, through my ordeal I have dealt with Apple Genius Staffmembers: Dave Jackson, Ricky Smalls & Joe Perez all of whom have tried their hardest to help me in a courteous and efficient manner. I am replying to Noreen's email because I want you to understand my ordeal so that you can take appropriate action to fix your customer service processes.

On Thursday, January 12th I came into your store with an unhappy iPod and the utmost confidence (due to my AppleCare Insurance) that my problem would be rectified quickly. I spoke to Dave, he inspected my device, verified that it was not working, confirmed my warranty was in force and ordered a replacement after one was not available in stock. At that time he indicated that I would receive a call/email from Apple in 1 to 2 weeks indicating that my replacement device would be ready for pickup. I left the store happy and excited that the process was so easy and thinking about what I would buy when I came back to pickup my iPod.


Through no fault of the Genius Bar Staff my iPod Photo 40GB remains non-working after 14 days which leads me to the bad. On Thursday, January 26, 2006, I got an email from Noreen Goldstein indicating that my iPOD was available for immediate pickup. Excited, I left work on Friday, January 27, 2006 in order to pick-up my replacement device. I registered at the Genius desk and was helped by Ricky Smalls who courteously and thoroughly attempted to help me by searching for my device and looking for any similar device in an attempt to make my visit a happy one. His efforts were hampered I surmise by the fact that my device was no longer being held (for reasons not immediately clear to me). Ricky concentrated on what he could do for me and immediately set to work getting an expedited order entered for me - the downside is that I would need to wait until Monday, January 30th or Tuesday, January 31st. Because of my busy work travel schedule I am not exactly able to visit the Apple store "at will" and so I decided to give one more try this weekend.

Thinking that I might be able to get more information and that a less busy store would allow employees to do an exhaustive search for my device, I returned to your store at 7:45 am on Saturday, January 28th. I was helped by Joe Perez who informed me that my device was taken off hold and that the device had arrived in the Apple Store on January, 19, 2006 at which time (notes indicated that Noreen had e-mailed me). Joe confirmed that my replacement was on order and added special notes (which helped me feel a little bit better) indicating that once it arrived, my device should not be taken off hold until I picked up the device. At this point, I started composing this email here at the Apple SoHo Genius Bar.


It is apparent to me as an outside observer that there was a serious lapse in one or more processes here. Specifically, I was not notified on January, 19th. I can find no voicemail or email from Noreen or any other Apple employee on this date advising me to pickup my device. My first contact was on Thursday, 26th at 8:53am at which time I was advised that I had (5) days to pickup my device and within (36 hours) my device was no longer on hold.

I now have very little faith that I will actually get my device at some point next week. The previous confidence that I had in the execution of Apple customer service has been dashed. Although the guys at the Genius Bar have been helpful, the fact remains that (2) weeks has elapsed and I am still waiting for my replacement device.

Please Reply with an Appropriate Apology and an Explanation of how you will visiting an ordeal such as the one I continue to experience on other customers.

1 comment:

jenni said...

You're BLACK?!?!?

I like how you wrote a whole bunch o'shit. I bet they just gave you whatever 'cause they didn't want to read it all. Whitetastic!